The Modern Paleo Meats - Blog is dedicated to raising the awareness of the health benefits of eating 100% grass fed buffalo, lamb and beef products from animals that have been 100% pastured and never given any added hormones and antibiotics. I promote the idea of the re-emerging animal husbandry practices of animals living off the land and roaming free - this turns out to be better for the animals and for the environment. Eating this type of lean red meats is promoted by the Paleo, Low-Carb and Gluten-Free diets - so this blog will also explore Paleo Lifestyle topics, suggestions and recommendations for how to eat and exercise consistently with these regimes. Articles, comments and thoughts expressed by this blog are opinions and beliefs and should not be taken as any type of medical advice. Online store: www.ModernPaleoMeats.com

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MPM Adds Home Exercise Equipment to Site

The theme of Modern Paleo Meats is not just great tasting healthy grass-fed meats but also to promote overall health and fitness.

In line with that theme, MPM has added Home Exercise Equipment to the site.  This complements the Paleo Diet Resources pages as an overall unit to assist you with achieving your health and fitness goals.

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